So then, why bother?

Much discussion has ensued over at Locusts and Honey, and as is often the case, the comments- while intriguing-- no longer bear any resemblance to the original essay.

I want to look at activism as a whole, and why we, any of us, should bother. So, if any are out there reading, please share. Have you ever been an activist for a cause? What did you do? Do you feel you were effective? Why did you do it?


bassred said…
one of the things that I find, and am finding, is that people portray Jesus as thispasive, quiet guy, that just isn't right. Would a passive, quiet guy turn over tables in the temple? That's how youget things done, that's what Jesus would do...
wolske said…
I think the point of the original post was that there is a huge gap between what passes for activism (basically all talk, no action) and actually walking the talk.

in his case, it was talk of pacifism vs. the probability that you'd pull the trigger (literally) if you are attacked.

so put the ACTion back in ACTivism, or don't bother.

like bassred said, Jesus acted.
Right, got that from both of you. But what I am looking for is your personal experience.

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