From someone WAAAYYYY smarter than I...

Comes this post. John over at Locusts and Honey has once again managed to very eloquently say pretty much what I would, were I capable.

Not only that, but every week he publishes the Methodist Blogs Weekly Roundup, which is choc full of yummy goodness.

I constantly struggle with the areas in which I fall far short of the the mark set in scripture. Every single day. I wonder at some of our nation's actions and the response. As Christians, we are under extra scrutiny-- there are many people out there who want nothig more than to see us stumble, either as individuals, or collectively. As a nation, the USA faces much the same. Many times, we are between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Does this mean that I think we are correct all the time? No, but it does mean that I believe we are striving.

This point in particular strikes a chord:

Dave never answered. His pacifism prevented him from proposing a military solution, and therefore prevented him from proposing any solution. But then again, his post was entitled "Being Activists...", so perhaps his point wasn't to solve a problem, to be an activist about a problem.

What does an activist do? What is the point of activism, other than to assuage our own guilty feelings?

My brain is beginning to hurt...


John said…
Thanks for the link and the props. What a beautiful site you have! I love the template.

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