Vegan adventures...

I have been emboldened by my recent Amazon purchases to experiement with some of my recipes and make them vegan. We are reluctant omnivores, but have friends with varying dietary needs. I am trying to have more than three vegan recipes in my repertoire, especially something appropriate for dinner parties, yanno?

It isn't difficult for me to put together a vegetarian menu, as long as we are talking ovo-lacto, or lacto. Vegan is a bit more of a challenge to me, as many vegan food substitutes are highly processed (something to which I have an aversion, quite frankly). I splashed out last week and picked up some non-dairy cheese, my thought process being that cheese is already pretty highly processed, right?

So tonight, I made vegan pesto (yum). Served on TJ's protein packed organic sprouted wheat pasta (double, triple yum), it was huge hit with the Rock Star, who doesn't even know it was vegan. The pasta is really nutty, and it stood up nicely to the pesto, with its bright basil and earthy almonds. I tried a non-dairy cheese, made from almond milk.

Incidentally, I looked for a recipe tonight. Note to self-- do not Google the words "nut" and "cheese" together. People are pervy! Eww!!


Big Red said…
he he, nut cheese... Pesto was great!!! And yes, I do read labels, honey, so I could pretty much tell it was good for me, you got me on the nut-cheese, though, man that was good many more times can I get away with typing that? It's just getting funnier and funnier!

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