It's all about... Whom?

We saw a short video at church this morning:

My question for you is this:

How do we, especially those of us involved in church plants, keep from crossing the line. You know which line I mean, right? The line between making people feel confortable and welcome, and not having any expectations of them. How do we effectively invite people to come and be changed?


Susan said…
Interesting question. Our church, which "does church" out of the box from others in our same denomination, does its best to help everyone "meet, know, and serve" Jesus. The meeting part is where I think people need to be comfortable and welcome. They need to know that no matter where they are on their journey of faith, they are welcome to come and join others on that same journey. Once you are really sure you've met Him, then I think you are ready to serve.

It's after you make the committment to "know" Jesus that I think you need to be called to accountability through the small group experience and/or other areas of service within the Christian community.

How do we invite people to come and be changed? We make it a place where the change can happen because they don't want to turn around and run the moment they step inside the place. Then, each week, we gently (but firmly) present an uncompromised gospel.

This is just me thinking out loud. I wish I could see the's not coming up on my screen for some reason.

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