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Monday, August 28, 2006
For my nephew, on your first day of school...

Good morning, sunshine!

It is hard for old Aunt Kelly to get her mind around the idea of you as a kindergartener. I remember heading down to the hospital the evening after you were born. Uncle Jon was a little scared for you, you know that? He didn't see how someone so small could make it in such a mean world. Your dad told him you would be just fine though. And how could you not be? Your mom and dad love you and your brother so much-- taking care of you two is their best, most favorite thing to do.

Your smile and hugs and crazy antics have brought us too many smile to count. When you were younger, Uncle Jon used to drive us all crazy, you know-- he was constanty prompting you to "say Uncle Jon!" I guess that is why you guys are such good buddies. I don't know if his name was the first one you said, but you sure said it a lot-- your mom called us one morning and told us that you must be our child, since you woke up saying "Jon. Jon! Jon!" (Uncle Jon thinks it was a ploy to break his no-diaper streak)

Being far away from you is the worst thing about Vegas, kiddo. We live for holidays and any chance to see you in person. You are growing up to be such a wonderful young man, and we miss seeing each little step of the way.

I almost missed a chance to talk to you this morning-- it is pretty early out here. I caught you though-- thank goodness for your mom's cell phone! You sounded so grown up as you walked into your classroom, even mean old Aunt Kelly got teary.

I will be with you next weekend, and I want to hear all about your adventures this summer. Kindergarten is just the beginning; the whole world is out there, waiting for your stamp. When he sees you now, Uncle Jon is a little less scared. He knows you will take on every challenge with your smile and dertermination, he knows that your mommy and daddy will be right there, and he knows that one day, you will do the protecting.

We love you so very much!
Aunt Kelly and Uncle Jon

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