Making mornings easier...

Most of the time, we do our mornings in shifts. I leave for work around 6 or 6:30, and J doesn't get up until later. For me, breakfast is often cereal or a smoothie. These muffins are great because the batter stays in the refrigerator until I need it. I just scoop out however many muffins I want to bake that morning and-- voila! Freshly-baked, homemade muffins.

Refrigerator Muffins

1 (15 oz) package of raisin bran
2 c sugar
1 c oil
4 eggs
5 c flour
5 t soda
2 t salt
1 qt buttlermilk

Combine all ingredients; store batter in refrigerator. Bake muffins 15 minutes at 400. If not baking full pan of muffins, add water to the empty tins.

Note: Step up the fiber content even more by substituting flaxseed poweder for some of the oil.

So there you have it, a busy morning treat and two bonus tips. Works for me! Now go see Shannon and her treasure trove of tips.


Mary Ann said…
I love this and haven't made it in a long time. Thanks for the reminder!! I'll have to go make some of these again!
Trisha said…
A great, simple way to have a hot breakfast and it sounds relatively easy to make.
Beck said…
Oh, that's smart! My kids love having muffins for breakfast, but I'm really lazy.
Jen said…
That is a clever smart....
I will have to try this since I blogged abot my crazy mornings here. Thanks for the recipe!
Toblerone said…
What a great idea! I'll have to try this soon. Thanks for sharing.
Mama Duck said…
Oh, great idea!! I need to do this, thanks! Our tip is up and we're also hosting the Carnival of the Vanities today - busy day in duck-land!
Larae said…
Raisin Bran in muffins is delicious. Thanks for the tip and the recipe!
Magi said…
These sound great! Thanks for the recipe. Bran muffin recipes usually have such a long list of ingredients that I avoid them. I always have Raisin Bran in the house though.
Kim in MI said…
oh, that's a great idea! I wonder, can other recipes be modified to do likewise?
I make double-batches of muffins in a 9x13 pan (I used that as my WFMW tip last week) to feed my mini-army

If I could combine the two tips ... we could really be on to something here! Thanks, Kelly, I'm going to try it!!!
PastorMac's Ann said…
I've been looking for different things to make for breakfast! Thanks for the recipe. (I love recipes for WFMW!

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