Compromise is a beautiful thing...

My extended family is spread out all over this continent. In fact, when it comes to the Jones-McLellan clan (Mudder's side), the buld of the family is west coast, and we were the lone Easterners (this made for lots of fun at family reunions, when my cousins would ask me to say certain words, just to hear my southern accent) .

This meant that summer vacations were always road trips to see family. My mom would pack us up and take off the week after post-planning (oxymoronis) wrapped, and we would make our way from Tallahassee to Blaine. One summer we hit as many national parks as our time and budget would allow. Hot Springs, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Redwoods, Badlands, I have seen almost all of the National Parks system. We have rolls of bison photos and a twenty minutes of beaver dam video footage to share, if anyone is interested!

In our first year of marriage, Rock Star and I moved 2500 miles from our immediate families. Since then, every trip we have taken has been to see family. This isn't really a big deal, or a problem per se, just a fact of life and money. The fact is that, until I finish school, we cannot afford to take more than one vaction-- it is easier to make choices when you are presented with only one option, believe me!

I must say, however, that going home for vaction is something of a contradiction in terms. We love to be around our family, make no mistake about that. It is just that time constraints lead to tension, and by the time we return to Vegas, we feel like we need a vaction to recover from our vacation. What to do? How can we see our family, whom we miss something awful, and still get the break that we need out of a vacation?

Enter the Great Vacation Compromise of 2007. Yes, we have figured it out! The Outer Banks are about 5-6 hours from the bulk of our "Back East" family. We are renting a beachouse for one week next summer (dates still to be determined, so if you want to get your votes in, let us know). Five bedrooms, hot tub and swimming pool, and just steps from the beach.

Come for the food, come for the company, come for the fishing. What ever your reason, I am issuing an open invitation (pretty much because I am too lazy to call, and I don't want to forget anyone and hurt their feelings). It looks like we will be in Duck, which has the better swimming beaches. Bring your beach towels, bring your sunblock, and please, please bring your CRIBBAGE BOARDS!!!! (Don't know if the airlines will let me bring one on board, you see ;))

Yes, I know this is an entire year away, but we have to make reservations this fall. And I apologize to anyone reading who is not a relative. I promise the next post will not be so Wolske/Hutson oreinted. And if you want to come by for some cribbage and beer, you are more than welcome!


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