Too much quiet!!

I am the eldest of three, though I was an only child for almost five years. The thing is, there were always a lot of people around. At one time, my aunt and cousin lived with us, and at another time my Unlce Jim lived with us. A lot of people.

Today, it is just Tele and I. J is giving a workshop up in Overton, and I stayed behind to do some laundry and packing (5 more days- say yay!) for my trip home.

Initially, I was super excited. I wanted to do Kelly things. You know, the stuff that it really isn't good for hubby to see-- like eyebrow waxing. I hate coming home with red skin, because part of me wants to preserve that illusion that my borws are naturally perfect. You know, like how my legs are naturally smooth? Anyway, J being out of town gave me the perfect opportunity to my waxed, plucked, and shaped with plenty of time for the redness to go away. Good times.

Yeah, so that was done by 10, and the grocery shopping was done by 11, and the laundry by 12, and I have 9 more hours to fill. I even went out to Boca Park to do a little shopping-- no fun. I am not a solitary shopper, and my husband is my best friend and supreme shopping buddy.

I think I am going to go fix a yummy yummy dinner and set the table with some candles. I guess if he asks the occasion, I will tell him just because I missed him. Because I do.


R.G. said…
Kelly, great idea on the dinner and candles! Sometimes you have to treat yourself as well as you would treat your most respected guest.

I know what you mean about too much quiet. I am ALWAYS craving time alone. But occasionally when I get it, I'm restless and can't figure out what to do with myself.

And might I add that you are extremely blessed that your hubby is your best friend and supreme shopping buddy... don't ever let that change!!

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