Will this be as much news as Mel?

A couple weeks ago, Mel Gibson's vile meltdown made national, and probably international headlines. The national news programmes led with his story for almost and entire week. Christopher Hitchens weighed in with some pretty poisonous comments, and we all watched in morbid fascination as a man's career went down into a whiskey bottle.

Andrew Young has resigned from Working Familes for Walmart after some dubious comments. What's that? What's that you say? You mean Today, GMA, and The Easry Show didn't lead with this story? Oh my! Could it be that they and we are much more excited to see Mel Gibson tank? And why is that, my friends?


wolske said…
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wolske said…
probably because everybody has heard of Mel Gibson and he's a big time movie star, but nobody has ever heard of Andrew Young.

which way were you going with this... they were too hard on Mel (religious persecution), or too easy on Young (lefty-apologists)?

I don't think it's either, it's relative to their level of fame.
Maybe I know who he is because I grew up in "The South." He used to be mayor of ATL, and he was instrumental in them being awarded the '96 summer games.

I really an not sure how to take it. I do think that there was WAY too much coverage of Mel, not that he should be exused in any way. I don't know if I would go so far as to call it presecution, per se. Maybe it is more symptomatic of our 24 hour news culture? I just don't get why he was lead story for days and days, and I didn't hear beans about Mayor Young's comments, which incidentally, were made to a reporter.

I dunno, it just irks me.
Oh, and I guess it is mostly Christopher Hitchens's invective which sparked this. He should certainly know who Andrew Young is, and yet nary a peep out of him.

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