Overheard at our house yesterday:

Person 1 (female): Don't you reach an age where drinking too much loese its appeal?

Person 2 (male): Yes. I have. I would rather just have a couple. Like last night. I only had two drinks.

1: Yeah.

2: Well, someone bought the band a shot. So I had one.

1: Oh.

2: And C doesn't drink tequila, so I had his.

1: Uh huh.

2: But after that, I only had two more drinks.

1: So, you had four drinks.

2: Yeah, I guess. But I didn't had a drink at each set break like I sometimes do.

1: There are three setbreaks. You had four drinks.

2: Nevermind, man. I drank lots of water, ok!


wolske said…
I know that could be the reasoning of just about any man, anywhere, but something about it just sounds very Wolske to me...
person 2 (male) said…
Very Wolske.......Very Wolske indeed...... It sounded good at the time, and with free drinks, I'd have to say I did quite well..... and I drink about 2-3 bottles of water per set and one at set breaks, for what it's worth... and we were there for over 6.5 hours.... I could go on .......

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